What Sets Us Apart

Be Your Best Self!

For Dr. Robert Walker and the Walker Orthodontics team, orthodontics is a way of helping you and others in our community lead healthier, happier, more successful lives:

With a great smile leading the way, you’ll Be Your Best Self!

What’s Different at Walker Orthodontics?

We provide conservative, advanced orthodontics in a welcoming and supportive environment, where we care for you like family. Our shared goal is to get you to your best smile, comfortably, affordably, and efficiently – and for you to enjoy every step of your orthodontic journey!

We offer:

  • One doctor and one location: You will see Dr. Walker at every visit and he’s always glad to answer questions and provide updates. With continuity of care, he ensures treatment is smooth and progresses as planned.
  • An experienced team that considers you to be family: We have worked alongside one another for years, each person bringing their own strengths and knowledge to the office. We have a shared passion for customer service, forging connections with patients and families, and making sure visits are the highlight of your day!
  • A welcoming and fun, yet professional atmosphere: From the moment you step foot in our Chandler orthodontic office, you’ll know you’re in the right place. You’ll be greeted by name and with genuine smiles, and you’ll hear Dr. Walker and team members laughing with our other patients. We have designed the practice to be a warm and inviting space where you feel safe and know you’re part of the family!
  • Beautiful smiles for all ages: We believe everyone deserves straight, healthy teeth and a smile that allows their personality to shine. Dr. Walker is skilled at crafting confidently radiant and stable smiles for children, teens, and adults. He offers a range of advanced aesthetic orthodontic options, including clear and lingual braces, as well as Invisalign® clear aligners, for people who are concerned about their appearance during treatment. If you’re a working professional who longs for a more attractive smile, we can help!
  • Complimentary, no-pressure consultations: Before committing to orthodontics, it’s important you understand your clinical concerns and the treatment options available to get you to your best smile. Dr. Walker offers free consultations so you can learn about treatment and ask as many questions as you wish. We won’t push you into braces: instead, we’ll provide ethical solutions to get you to the amazing smile you deserve!

Schedule Your Consultation

Please contact Walker Orthodontics, in Chandler, AZ, to schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one, today.

We all look forward to helping you achieve a great smile and, with that, helping you Be Your Best Self!